Rebecca J. Leer

fogintheafternoonmonhegan ()

Afternoon Fog Monhegan

brightmorningmonhegan ()

Bright Morning Monhegan

capecodpines (28K)

Cape Cod Pines   sold

MargosLand (28K)

Margo's Land

nightatthedock ()

Night At The Dock

ingals_crossing (30K)

View at Ingall's Crossing

frostinhollow (29K)

Frost in the Hollow

erindale_road_sm.jpg (29K)

Erindale Road


Ship Yard Pick Up

ringwoodoutbuilding ()

Ringwood Outbuilding

selkirkclothesline ()

Selkirk Clothes Line

KimsTree (28K)

Kim's Tree

westwood ()

The Westwood


Summer Tree With Vines   sold

pumphouse_threeledges.jpg (183K)

Pumphouse At Three Ledges   sold


Weeping Cherry   sold