Rebecca J. Leer

Figs and Cheese_sm (26K)

Figs and Cheese   sold

Quince in Silver_sm

Quince in Silver   sold

Four Persimmons_sm (26K)

Persimmons & Two Bowls

lemons (47K)

Lemons & Opinel   sold

italianplums_sm (237K)

Italian Plums   sold

SilverPitchQuince_sm (26K)

Silver Pitcher & Quince

lemons (47K)

Lemons on a Blue Cloth   sold

Bronze Bucket and Apples_sm (26K)

Bronze Bucket & Apples   sold

apples_leaves1_sm (236K)

Apples Leaves I   sold

apples_leaves3_sm (244K)

Apples & Leaves III   sold

Figs and Parmasean_sm (26K)

Figs and Parmasean   sold

Stella Doro_sm (26K)

Stella Doro

lemons (47K)

Porcelain & Lemons   sold

pomegranites_quince (491K)

Pomegranates & Quince   sold

pomegranate_quince_plate_sm (28K)

Pomegranate, Quince & Plate   sold